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January 31, 2011
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Sounds of the Sea by OnlyObsessive Sounds of the Sea by OnlyObsessive
Cuz... I mean, don't they sound a lot like whales? If I were a whale I'd hit on Delta. Hell, if I were any type of animal I'd hit on him.

I gotta say, I love that damn drill but I can't draw it worth shit... Also I've only played to what... Level 2? I am such a fucking noob. But you all love me, right?

(Words in italics are my favorite proposed answers from the comments section. Feel free to add!)
1. Why doesn't Jack or Delta go super crazy like the Splicers? They use ADAM and stuff, right?
They haven't been using it long enough. It has physical effects but didn't have enough time to affect them mentally.

2. How damn easy is it to make a Big Daddy?? Sophia made like two Big Daddies one day (Mark Meltzer and Sinclair). Do you just stick them in a suit or something?
The Big Daddy process has been perfected by this time and it's quite simple to perform the basic surgeries. Meltzer was already "bonded" to his sister so didn't need to go through that. Sinclair was never bonded to anyone and also didn't have his voice box modified. So these two guys aren't like the Big Daddies made from scratch from ye olden days.

3. If Little Sisters see the world as super girly fun time and they see Splicers as people talking civilly at a party or some shit, how come they can get scared and tell the Big Daddy to kick their asses? Don't they see everyone as incredibly nice? Wouldn't it be a bad idea to make them think their enemies are friendly? Do they only look friendly to the Sisters until they start trying to kill them? What the hell!
The Splicers that the Little Sister we saw in Bioshock 2 encountered were ALREADY friendly to her, considering they were in Lamb's cult. It's most likely that Little Sisters don't see normal Splicers as friendly, but the ones loyal to Lamb are seen as friendly.

Bioshock is confusing as shit but god help me I love it.

That background is from here: [link]
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Run Delta! Run!
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Lord help Delta
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That whale must have mistaken that for a mating call. XD
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Hi whale. Like my bigass drill?


But some seriousness, here's some of my answers(not sure):

1. Jack has been genetically modified by Dr.Suchong to be Ryan's successor, thus meaning that he implanted a special supressor for mental and physical deterioration. As for delta, he is a big daddy, thus meaning that he has already lost physical aspects of a human being. And his mind has already fallen before, but brought back by the bond he has with Eleanor. One may also assume that Delta may inject ADAM directly into himself, but is filtered through the tank he has on his back.

2. It is quite easy actually. Injecting oneself with the correct amout of ADAM and EVE can turn one into a primitive animal. And through Suchong and Tennenbaum's research, Sophia was able to make one in a matter of 2 hours. Be cause the act is simply encasing a human moving by fatherly instincts in a diving suit with hard locks, she does not require long. Not to mention her army of splicers to help her.

3. It's the normal 'Fight or Flight' instinct of all humans. How would you react if a Little Pony came towards you with a large bloody machete? You would otherwise defend yourself or run...or the little sister's case, call for reinforcements.

Hope I was some help. And here's a fanart idea: Booker Dewitt, Jack Ryan, and Johnny Topside face-off.
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Have you drawn a picture of Delta riding the whale yet?
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I have not :(
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I didn't know he was such a playa >:3
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